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Pradeepkumar Shingavi

817, west Mangalwar peth,
Solapur- 413002
Ph.No.- 0217-2327475/2327273
Mob: 9822088299


Snehalaya Bio

Recognizing: Under State Govt. Of Maharashtra
Department of women and child
Development Commissioner office, Pune.


And it begins..

Initially a survey was carried out regarding women from Red-light areas from south Maharashtra, especially areas of Solapur, Osmanabad, Latur, Barshi, Temburni and Pandharpur. These women helped with their needs such as water problem house repair and problems of gating there, besides free medical checkup camps, AIDS awareness caps etc.

After such confidence building measures, in the beginning 21 children given admission to Snehalaya. By means of pure vegetarian food children have been recovered up to the mark. We have noticed the vigorous change in their behavior and mind. Along with this these children are worshiping daily - morning and evening with the prayers.

After admission in our project, a first attempt is a medical test of beneficiaries giving total medical assistance & for that we got fully equipped medical unit at our Snehalaya campus & Dr. Surendra Urankar is our medical advisor & very frequently gives visit to Snehalaya. For our beneficiary health and physical fitness we made arrangement of big sport ground for their daily fitness also we conduct daily fitness also we conduct daily Pranayam then, Prayers, Karate, Horse Riding, early in the morning also in the sports of beneficiaries plays Football, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Striping.

Snehalaya doing following precious work...

1. Ratnakar Yojana – Ratnakar plan is our pride. This plan was suggested by Dr. Ratnakarji Gaikwad (Chief Secretary Gov of Maharashtra) A donor should pay Rs. 15000/- for per day expenditure of Snehalaya. We expect 365 donors. Because of this so many donor become the member of this plan. Initially per donor was to arrange 10 Rupees daily at present this required 40 Rupees arrangement separately. We are very much thankful for this meaningful plan. Mr. Gaikwad still behind us. 2. Snehalaya Balkashram, Karambha.
3. AIDS affected patient’s rehabilitation. (Snehalaya sanchalit UMMID).
4. Swadhar – Mahila papad Udyog, Karambha, specially for CSW ( Commercial sex workers)
5. Snehadhara Kapilanagari, Karambha (caw shed).
6. Counseling for prisoners in District jail – Periodical center.
7. Social services to flood affected people.
8. Blood donation camps in rural areas in every one year 2 times.
9. Seth Rasikalal Jethmal Shigavi Vidyalaya, Karambha was started on the behalf of Snehalaya education foundation
in Marathi and English medium (from LKG to 12th standard)

Preciously following are social future plan project of Snehalaya

1. Agro training.
2. Training school for tailoring, Embroidery and handicraft and imitation jewelry (for women and female student).
3. Free medical service center for surrounding poor rural people.
4. Snehakiran (to bring up orphan) Shishu Adhar Kendra.
5. At present the construction of new school building is going on with full speed. Nearly 75000 Sq.Ft. building will be completed within a year in the month of June 2014 this new school building will become educational HUB for sex workers children. (the primary education from LKG to 12thstd) 6. Counseling center for farmer from suicide prone areas.
Permanent center to settle family disputes.