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Pradeepkumar Shingavi

817, west Mangalwar peth,
Solapur- 413002
Ph.No.- 0217-2327475/2327273
Mob: 9822088299


Snehalaya Bio

Recognizing: Under State Govt. Of Maharashtra
Department of women and child
Development Commissioner office, Pune.


Few achivements..

In extra career planning we are undertaking classical music classes in that 14 beneficiary achieved Government Certificate in different musical system like Harmonium, Tabla and other musical system.

The condition of the sex workers children was worst. At the time of sex workers business, their children were given opium doses and these practices very harmful. We requested the sex workers to give the responsibilities of these to Snehalaya & for that purpose to take special care of sex workers children education Late- Seth Rasiklalji Jethmal Shingavi has donated the land of 1.50 lakh sq.ft which is adjacent to Snehalaya. In 2005-06 Seth Rasiklalji Jethmal Shingavi vidyalaya.


Karambha was started on behalf of Snehalaya education foundation, where these children are seeking primary education LKG to 10th Standard. Also for the benefit of the children English medium school named Ku.Liya Aayesha Binoy Gardi has been started and at present about 50 students are taking the benefit at education at nursery, LKG and UKG and 1st standard. Here the knowledge of various systems like sports, music and computer is given. Snehalaya has managed to provide the facility of free education to near about 800 children belonging to poor and needy families from the neighboring rural area about 30KM distance and 374 children from our Snehalaya. To all these children we provide educational facilities, mid-day meal and facility of transportation by school bus. All these facilities are provided free of cost. At present construction of new school building is going on speed. Nearly 75000 Sq.ft. building will be completed within a year in the month of June 2014. This new building will become Educational hub for sex workers children.

Because of this education they are persuading their mother and sister to come away from this business of sex workers.


UMMID.. Snehalaya sanchlit 'ummid' project at Kurduwardi District - Solapur which has been started especially as a rehabilitation centre for HIV / AIDS positive children and women. Snehalaya provide food and shelter to the victim of HIV along with medical treatment and other counseling services. At present 63 girls and boys and 4 women who are suffering from HIV / AIDS are seeking the welfare in this institution. There heath condition is good and we are trying overall development of these children. Today waiting list of 199 children is with UMMID has a decent building standing on 2 acre land. The evolution of Snehalaya mission is done by. Institution and there result are as follows.


To give proper nutrition and diet to these children, Snehalaya has established a caw shed named Snehadhara Kapilanagari, in which 45 caws has been kept for the milk purpose.


Apart from these work our institute has looked after the mothers of these children's also. About 360 CSW have been rescued from the dungeons of Red light areas and made them self independent to stand on their feet. 40 AIDS affected women were rehabilitated.

Dispute settlement

Snehalaya has been played important role in the settlement of dispute between husband and wife by the way of counseling and reconciliation to save 286 families 22 girl child were freed from red light area with the help of police force.

The monthly expense for Snehalaya comes to rupees 1200000/- which include expense for Snehalaya, Vidyalaya, English medium school, UMMID HIV center, Goshala (milking caws for student).


Further Snehalaya is also creating a job opportunity for self help group of needy women like papad udyog.

Vegetarian food campaign

Further Snehalaya also started the campaign for spreading of vegetarian food habit and eradiation of drugs. Our volunteers have wondered from village to village, made the survey and arranged the discussion, talks, street plays and Pravachana etc. to create the social awareness among the people.

Blood Donation

Snehalaya has also conducted blood donation camps in rural sector and tried to abolish the misunderstanding about the blood donation. Blood donors have been gifted color TV, bicycle, wall clock, and fans etc. through lucky draw for motivation.