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Pradeepkumar Shingavi

817, west Mangalwar peth,
Solapur- 413002
Ph.No.- 0217-2327475/2327273
Mob: 9822088299


Snehalaya Bio

Recognizing: Under State Govt. Of Maharashtra
Department of women and child
Development Commissioner office, Pune.


Milestones in our journey..


SNEHALAYA got established in this year 1999 on 1st of January. At Gurshalye village in Pandharpur, Maharashtra. Number of Students increased from 1 to 21 in the first year of its existence. Two most prominent leaders Shree Pradeep Kumar Shingavi & Shri Bhramakumari Pramilaben took the responsibility.


Conducted AIDS Awareness Rally on 23rd Dec 1999 at Pandharpur. Snehalaya took the stepping stone for the Working for the women who wanted to quit their occupation and rehabilitated them in a respectable manner, so therefore Snehalaya started providing training for Small Cottage industries.


To Start with something which every common man can do, but to sustain it for a longer duration is a big challenge, which is very sincerely portrayed by the 2 pillars of SNEHALAYA by continuing their work in the 2nd year as well. Knowing that pressure from all possible areas of the society would arise due to their humble intention, they were mentally prepared to deal with the toughest of the situation. Number of students increased from 21 in the 1st year to 42 in the 2nd year.


Blood Donation Camp - SNEHALAYA is working to create and awareness of importance of Blood Donation in the society. These camps are organized to help the people of the community. It was held in the year 2000 on 7th of May, in the presence of Shri Deepakji Kapur (Collector of Solapur district), Shri Sonaji Pardhi (Police Commissioner), Narsing Mengaji (Ex M.L.A.) & Dr.Prakash Joshi (Hon. Secretary of Damani Blood Bank). 325 donors donated blood in the memory of Ms. Rupali (Daughter of Shri Pradeep Kumar Shingavi).

Bhoomipujan of Karamba Project - After Pandharpur SNEHALAYA started its second branch at Karamba, Sou.Leelabai Rasiklalji Shingavi has donated 2.75 areas of land situated at Karamba, Solapur. The Bhoomipujan ceremony of this project was held on 26th Sept, 2000 in the presence of Honorable Shri Babamaharaj Starkar. Shri Sushilkumarji Shinde, Member of Parliament Shri Deepak Kapur, Collector of Solapur.

1st Birthday of SNEHALAYA – Though the institute started on 1st Jan, 1999 the leaders decided to celebrate the Birthday of all its children on the Republic Day i.e. 26th Jan every year.


"If you really want something in life the entire universe conspires for it to become true for you" and same goes for SNEHALAYA who after successfully completing 2 years of existence enter into the 3rd year. Number of students increased from 42 to 56.


Trip to Tirupati - A 3 days trip was organized on 20th March, 2001 to one of India's well known religious pilgrimage Temple Tirupati. In this trip, SNEHALAYA joined MERE APNE INSTITUTE of Pune.

Foreign Donors Visit - Dr.Nobel and Mr. Fortune, Directors of Stiching Geron - a institute of Netherland visited the institute and appreciated the work of the institute. Their financial assistance helped the institute.


SNEHALAYA thought leadership is worth admiring, as they have continuously strived to improve their working style and even today brings in new practices that help in the development of their children. Number of children increased from 56 to 86.


Tree plantation
Birth day & Death anniversaries of the famous personalities
Birth days of the children in the institute.
Visits of Famous personalities to the institute
Celebrate various religious and national festival
To make the institution self-dependent Programme
Participation of various institution in fund raising
Organizing Orchestra Programme for fund raising

Wedding ceremony – SNEHALAYA treats every child as their own child, and takes the responsibility for shaping the entire life of these children. One of their daughters got married to a handsome and well earning groom settled in Mumbai on 26th Dec, 2002.


A year of appreciation flowed in the arms of SNEHALAYA. Its name started to reach even the distant ears.


An Interview with Doordarshan – Sahyadri was held on 17th Feb, 2003.

Handed over two girls to their parents on 27th March, 2003, these girls ran away from the Thane residence and took shelter in SNEHALAYA. The management went ahead to find detailed information about the girls and their background, after which they found that the girls lied. Thus took the decision to return the girls to their parents.

Built a new building at Karamba in Solapur district, and shifted the entire base from Gursale. This became possible only because of the strong vision of SNEHALAYA’s two pillars.

1st December 2003 - On the occasion of World AIDS Day - a rally was organized at Barshi with the assistance of Ravi Classes. Mr. Gandhale saheb B.D.O. of Barshi Smt. itai Madam, Shri Shantaram Sangade Tahsildar, add Chief Executive Officer Shri Arun Dube, Police Inspector Umrao Bangar, Dr. Bharat Gaikwad and many prominent personalities were participated in this rally. Mr. Madhukar Doiphode of Ravi classes has made tireless efforts for the success of this rally.


Year after year SNEHALAYA has continued to achieve greater heights in its own realm of justice and help for the needy. It received many awards in 2003 - 04 and it is the indicator of their successful journey to create a new world.


SNEHALAYA started a Govt. recognized primary school on the land donated by Honb’le Shri. Rasikalalji Shingavi on 26th March, 2004 by the name "SNEHALAYA DNYAMANDIR".

Food-grain distributed in the Leprosy colony (Solapur) - 29th April, 2004.

Free distribution of water drums in the Red light areas, more than 3500 drums have been distributed till date Central Govt. gave SNEHALAYA an opportunity to conduct a survey to check people's awareness about health & cleanliness in the slum areas of Pandharpur - 27th Aug, 2004.

A famous Magician Mr. R. K. Daga arranged the magic show for Snehalaya Children's - 6th Dec, 2004.


SNEHALAYA left not a single opportunity and has gone beyond their way to get people from across the nation to come and visit their house. Their active participation has taken them far beyond anyone’s reach.


Lions club of Solapur donated sports kit to SNEHALAYA children - 5th Jan, 2005. The District Central Co-Op Bank of Solapur Donated the Super Silent Generator set for Snehalaya - 9th Feb, 2005.

Snehalaya arranged prostitute women's camp on the occasion of World Women's Day, 372 Prostitutes participated in this camp, from the Red Light Area of Solapur District - 8th March, 2005.

Distributed 1500 Bedsheets, daily 2200-2500 Food Packets, Bread, fruits, Water Pouch, milk pouch, Sarees, Shirts for help on free of cost in the flood driven areas of Pandharpur, Satara and Sangali - 29th & 30th July, 2005



SNEHALAYA started old age home at Tembhurni place. There were 25 age people were admitted to Snehalaya old age home.

Snehalaya started its hobby classes on the summer holidays for its beneficiaries so as for the proper use of their holidays was inaugurated By Mrs. Rathi (Principal) Dayanand college Solapur. This camp arranged for near old 20 days - 13TH May, 2006.

Inauguration of Late - Seth Rasiklal Jethmal Shingavi Vidyalaya, donated the land of 1.50 lakh sq. ft. which is adjacent to SNEHALAYA. Snehalaya has managed to provide the facility of free education to 260 children belonging to poor families.

Inauguration of Newly Purchased School Bus – Free transportation is provided to children attending school from surrounding areas of the school - 14TH Sept, 2006.

Snehalaya Newly constructed building was inaugurated today with the hands of Dignitaries. "Snehnivas" was inaugurated by Shrimati Chukibai Pukhraj Mehta and "Annapurna" - 9th Oct, 2006 Publication Ceremony of "Shapit Gulmohor" - 9th Oct, 2006.

Senior Literacy Writer Mrs. Vijaya Jahagirdar written a Story Collection of Children in Snehalaya named "Shapit Gulmohor". Publication ceremony of this book was jointly organized by Snehalaya and Suvidhya Prakashan at Hutatma Smruti Mandir at Solapur.



SNEHALAYA got in the process of ISO International Certification. This Certification is being done by TUV Rheinland Group, a Certifying agency of international reputation, ISO and other necessary training are given by reputed Management consultants including Mr. Vishwas Kakade (Ex-Vice President-Quality & Reliability at KOEL) - 1st Jan, 2007

Donations to SNEHALAYA, enjoy tax benefit under section 80G (50%) or under section 35AC (100%) of the Income Tax Act - 10th April, 2007

Snehalaya Children Participates in Satyagraha against slaughter house, 800 children from Solapur requested Mayor to close down Slaughter house - 17th April, 2007

75000 Liter Water tank construction work started by Smt. Gurumit Dhanai to take care of SNEHALAYA’s water requirements - 11th June, 2007. Two girls at the age of 15-16 got free from red light area - 25th July, 2007.


From 1st January SNEHALAYA started conducting survey in all Red light areas of Solapur District. They then moved to Usmanabad, Beed, Jat, and other parts of Sangli, Latur, Pune. Every year we take up a new challenge and decided to move to Loknatya area that means (Tamasha Theaters) where young girls are been sold & they are made to work day-night as a dancer & sometimes they are exploited by the customers, Pramiladidi conducted counseling for girl’s who were related to such profession.


Developed of a hostel for 150 girl children. A stone foundation ceremony took place in the holy hands of Mr. Sushilkumar Shinde (Central Power Minister) & Great businessman at 94 years Honorable Mr. Deepchandji Gardi, Head of the Tuv Rheinland Group Mr. Ronald Kolb inaugurated it - 14th Jan, 2008.


A year of appreciation flowed in the arms of SNEHALAYA. There are many origination whose work involve HIV AIDS awareness activities but very few like. SNEHALAYA help the victims. Under its Ummid Project Snehalaya again provides food & Shelter to the victims of HIV along with medical treatment & other counseling services. At present this unit is located at Kurduwadi-Paranda Road, Kurduwadi., Dist- Solapur, and looks starting 10 HIV positive Children & Women.


Snehalaya got a great achievement award in this year on 30th December,2009, Snehalaya giving 'SAMAJ GAOURAV PURASKAR', From Late.Anilsinha Rajput Samajsevi Pratisthan .In this year snehalaya Children get good education apart from academic curriculum this school provides good facilities for sports ,Music, Computer Training And over all development of this students in a year.


SNEHALAYA thought leadership is worth admiring, as they have continuously strived to improve their working style and even today brings in new practices that help in the development of their children. Number of children increased from 100 to 200.


Apart from these activates Snehalaya runs several different projects that help needy women and children in nearby villages from surrounding areas. SNEHALAYA Started new girls hostel opening the holly hands of Mr.RasikLal Manikchand Dhariwal (Pune) And Mr.Dr.Deepchandji Gardi (Mumbai). New 75000 Liter Water tank opening ceremony hands of SNEHALAYA beneficiaries. Snehalaya done two girls marriages (Jyoti & Sunita) she is a enjoy great married life.


This year SNEHALAYA’S facing different problem because Snehalaya total Beneficiary are increased in high Value. This year looks starting 60 HIV positive Children & Women in Ummid.