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Pradeepkumar Shingavi

817, west Mangalwar peth,
Solapur- 413002
Ph.No.- 0217-2327475/2327273
Mob: 9822088299


Bramhakumari Pramilaben (Deedi)

At post Karamba,
Tal. North solapur,
Dist: Solapur 413222
Ph.No. 0217-2281305/2281477
Mob: 9822018182
Fax No. :- 0217-2281477


Snehalaya Bio

Recognizing: Under State Govt. Of Maharashtra
Department of women and child
Development Commissioner office, Pune.


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Looking deep into the context of creating, a Palace for the development of the Sex workers children, and sharing his own wealth for their development in SNEHALAYA from the start, a down to earth personality, humble and loving gentleman Mr. Pradeep Kumar Singhavi - AKA "Kakaji" has completed 12 years with SNEHALAYA. It is not like storytelling, as reality spikes out from the core of humanity, which strongly showed up inside the heart of a young girl Ku. Rupali - (his daughter), who lived a worth-full short life.

It was Rupali’s love for the under privileged children that showed up in his father. He feels her presence in every moment while being with the children of SNEHALAYA. A father of one has now become the guardian of plenty; his only vision is to give a good life to his children. He never talks about the struggle he has undergone in creating such an empire of love and affinity.

Kakaji is a businessman by profession, and runs his jewelry shop for more than 2 decades now. He showcases the quality of always being on time, one can say "punctuality is his slave". Even in his 40s he can do that today’s youngster might feel like giving up.

12 years of his life, he has dedicated for this noble cause. He cannot be compared with anyone or vice-versa, he has his very personal persona which is very difficult for anyone to imitate. A Goldsmith with a heart of Gold has proved his humanity and leadership quality in the very essence of his dedication for continuing his fight for now and for-ever.


Shubham (the first child of SNEHALAYA, he weighed less than 500 grams when Didi and Kakaji found him left in a dustbin; part of his head was eaten by ants and he has very high fever. Doctors saved his life, and today he is the smile of SNEHALAYA, he is a 12 year old, and weighs about 50 kgs) is more valuable than anything for (Shri. Bhramakumari) - AKA "DIDI" means elder sister. The foundation was built, but for the structure to stand strongly it require pillars, that SNEHALAYA got in the form of DIDI. A women very powerful and determined in her mission to "Make A Difference" in the lives of the sex workers and their children. She still lives an unmarried life, and dedicated her entire life for the development of the society. Every child in SNEHALAYA is special to her, but her struggle behind bringing each child with her is unexplainable.

She starts her day with prayers and offering Prasad to God. Mother, who believes in learning more than teaching always wanting to know more ways of adding value to SNEHALAYA’s children.

Her daily work involves managing the organizations day to day activities, to ensure continuous replenishment of food stocks, reading and writing material for children etc. apart from it; visiting the Sex workers in the Red Light areas, counseling them, and creating awareness of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. It is very difficult for any common man to go and interact with the ladies in such areas, but Didi is very highly accepted by their community. The moment Didi enters their house all the ladies come running to meet her and they enjoy listening to her thoughts. They respect Didi for she has been supporting them by solving their problems. All this has not come in one day; there is a history of 12 long years, where even Didi was treated with abuses and hatred.