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Pradeepkumar Shingavi

817, west Mangalwar peth,
Solapur- 413002
Ph.No.- 0217-2327475/2327273
Mob: 9822088299


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Recognizing: Under State Govt. Of Maharashtra
Department of women and child
Development Commissioner office, Pune.


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In the honor of Gardi Kakaji, would like to give vote of thanks on behalf of "Snehalaya". Words are just too minimal to describe and speak about gentle person kakaji, who had given up liftmen towards the society. He is one of the most commendable passionate & extravagant personalities who had given new vision and mission to "Snehalaya" and till greater extent enlighten to the society through his great and matured ideas, advice etc. which gave rise and growth to "Snehalaya".

Gardi Kakaji at the age of 98 years presently is being actively participating in most of the activities done by him towards "Snehalaya". He is an inspirational idol for each and every individual in the society, as he himself had truly devoted his life towards upbringing of "Snehalaya".

He is one of the main pillars of "Snehalaya" with his grace dedication along with support of Didi both working incredible to enrich "Snehalaya" with great values, works, and ideas along with the guidance "Snehalaya" have come up with buildings for English Medium School, Snehalaya itself as a building etc.

Gardi Kakaji had given a light and spark to "Snehalaya" which had given rise to better Facilities in every sense. We are blessed with his ideas, advice, good deeds, his passionate work etc.

"Snehalaya" as a Team will always respect his guidance and all decision to all extent.

Thank you very much to be part of "Snehalaya".

LATE - SHRI KU. RUPALI SINGHAVI - (Daughter of Mr. Pradeep Kumar Singhavi)

An angel surpassed all the challenges by not being a victim of Thalessamia; that decided her life spam till maximum of 4 years and lived till 18 years due to her strong religious faith and strong humanitarian values. Blinds and Orphans were her guests on every occasion of her life like birthday and other national festivals. Her love and care for the needy people became inspiration for her father Mr. Prdeep Kumar Sighavi to start SNEHALAYA on the 1st day of January, 1999 in the Gursale Village near Pandharpur.


It is said by many and proved by his little angel "Possibilities can be created only by your full participation is creating that possibility" and this strong belief gave birth to SNEHALAYA after God took her back. The beginning of SNEHALAYA got its first seed in the form of a small child whom they named Shubham - means a good start, now a healthy and smart gentle teenage boy, is also considered to be the lucky charm of their house.