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Pradeepkumar Shingavi

817, west Mangalwar peth,
Solapur- 413002
Ph.No.- 0217-2327475/2327273
Mob: 9822088299


Bramhakumari Pramilaben (Deedi)

At post Karamba,
Tal. North solapur,
Dist: Solapur 413222
Ph.No. 0217-2281305/2281477
Mob: 9822018182
Fax No. :- 0217-2281477


Snehalaya Bio

Recognizing: Under State Govt. Of Maharashtra
Department of women and child
Development Commissioner office, Pune.



Snehalaya has got National award from government of India for its outstanding achievement in the field of Women and child Welfare. Snehalaya has also been awarded ISO 9001-2000 Certification by TUV india for successfully implementing ISO Quality Management System.

Awards 2005

Pujya Munishree Tarun Sagar Maharaj

This award is named after Munishree Tarun Sagarji Maharaj, a spiritual leader well known in India.

Shree Tarun Sagarji Maharaj got amazed by seeing Snehlaya's work toward the Sex Workers in Solapur and went ahead acknowledging their social cause

Samaj Gaurav Award

Swami Samarth Adhyathmikh Gyanpeeth - (Osmanabad) gave this award. Has been given to Brahmakumari Pramila Ben

Best Social Work - Sex Workers.

Sahitya Ratna Annabhau Sathe Award

Vijay Pratap Samajik Pratishthan, Shree Annabhau fought for the upliftment of the backwad class people. This award is given to organizations or individuals for best social work. Award given to Brahmakumari Pramila Ben.

Since Snehalaya also started their social work following similar path followed by Shree Annabhau.

Rajyasthariya Samaj Ratna Puraskar

Award given by Manushya-Bal Vikas Lokseva Akadami (Mumbai). The body conducts surveys and depending upon various parameter gives award for best social work.

Phule Shahu Ambedkar Mission (Aurangabad)

This award signifies the social work done by individuals or organisations for the upliftment of the Other Backward Class, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes people.